Monday, July 7, 2014

Call for Feedback

Last Friday, we finally finished our prototype for the site.  In order to move forward with the project, we felt it necessary to call for feedback from the ROS education community and others involved in robotics education. I wrote an email on Friday, similar to the one I had originally sent out to the ROS education community, only this time updating them about the state of the project.

I summarized the work we had done up until this point, provided them with a link to the site as it is right now, and prompted them with the following questions:

- Is this something you would be interested in?
- What features/services would you like to see in something like this?
- How do you think you or others would use this site?  Would you want to use the site during a learning activity or just pull material from it? 
- Is this something you'd be interested in as a resource for your students? If so, how would you want your students to interact with a site like this? (A tool to enable more interactive learning? Supplementary or extra material to give to students?)
- Do you have any experience with something similar to this that might be useful for us to know about?
- Any other comments/suggestions?

At the bottom of the email, I provided a more in-depth description of the work we had done and the questions we still had lingering.  For interest in participating in the conversation regarding this project, check out the ROS Education google group at this site:

Till next time!

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